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Click on the image for a full description of the individual hairstyles.

Pricing available on the APPOINTMENTS tab.

Crochet Frontal

crochet frontals.jpg

Wet n' Wavy


Sassy Curls

IMG_2615 copy.jpg

Blissful Bob

blissful bob.jpg

Natural Curls

fdsh copy.jpg

Half-Up Half-Down Crochet

half up half down crochet.jpeg

Delia's Pick


Crochet Twists

IMG_9072.large copy.jpg

Versatile Crochet Frontal

 versatile crochet frontal.jpg

Empire Curls

Empire Curls.jpeg

Island Curls

temp 8 copy.jpg

Wash n' Go

IMG_2638 copy.jpg

Cornrows & Curls

cornrows n curls.jpeg

Curls w/1 Side Design

Curls with 1 Side Design.jpeg

Bae Goddess Locs

bae goddess locs.jpeg

Crochet Box Braids


Two-way Vixen Crochet


Quick & Simple


Party Curls

eZy Watermark_25-04-2019_08-53-42PM.PNG

Silky Straight Crochet

silky straight promo.jpg

Rubber Bands & Curls

rubber bands and curls.jpeg

Curls w/2 Sides Design

Curls with 2 Side Designs.jpeg

Gypsy Locs

Gypsy Locs.jpeg

Crochet Faux Locs

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